You Can Save $20 On The OnePlus Watch, If You're Quick!

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OnePlus is hosting a OnePlus Watch Appreciation Credit event right now, where you can get a $20 voucher off of the OnePlus Watch when it goes on sale April 14.

Just head to this link, and claim it. It’ll ask you to sign into your OnePlus account, and on April 14, you’ll be able to use it for your OnePlus Watch. This voucher does bring the price down to $139, which is really incredible for a smartwatch.

It’s a little surprising that OnePlus released the launch date of the Watch this way. Considering they did not give us much info on the Watch during the OnePlus 9 series launch yesterday. Other than the price. So good to know that it is on the way pretty soon. In fact, it’s only a few weeks away.


However, there’s still no word on when the Cobalt model will launch, or for how much.

Just another tactic to garner attention

OnePlus could just launch the Watch for $139 on April 14, but instead they are forcing fans to go to their website and “claim” this voucher for $20 off. It’s just another tactic that OnePlus uses to get attention. Something that they have built their brand on over the years.

It’s also a way for OnePlus to get an idea of how many serious buyers there are going to be for the OnePlus Watch, and be able to have them available on day one. Instead of having to use an invite system like they did with the OnePlus One and 2 back in the day. Or have it sold out for many weeks on end. Like the OnePlus 8 series was, though that was less of their issue and more of the tech world in general – due to the pandemic and lockdown.


Either way, you can head here to claim your voucher and use it on April 14 to get your shiny new OnePlus Watch for only $139 (plus taxes).

OnePlus Watch Voucher