Xbox Game Pass Get Some Indie Love With 15+ Day One Launch Titles

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Today Microsoft revealed 15+ indie titles that will be available on Xbox Game Pass on the first day of their launch. Adding further value to the service that includes gameplay on consoles and PC, as well as cloud gaming through mobile devices.

These won’t be the first indie titles on Xbox Game Pass of course. But they are all new games that are releasing in the near future. The fact that they’re launching with Game Pass in addition to their console versions is just extra icing on the cake.

All of the details on these titles were announced as part of Microsoft’s first /twitchgaming Showcase With [email protected] And it won’t be the company’s last so expect more types of these announcements at future showcases when they pop up.


Sable and 21 other indie hits come to Xbox Game Pass soon

Sable Xbox Game Pass Indie

Of all of the indie titles that were announced, Sable looks to be one of the most compelling. With its highly stylized graphics and open world landscape, Sable will no doubt provide hours of fun if you’re looking for a game to sink some time into.

There are also 21 other indie titles to look out for. While not all of these games will be launching at the same time, when they do launch, Game Pass will have them the same day. And that’s the key thing to remember.

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Sable for example doesn’t have a release date listed. Other games like Omno from Studio InkyFox is releasing in the Summer of 2021. Whereas some other simply state that they have a general 2021 release window.

Some games will be available via cloud gaming

Another important detail is that not all of the games will be available on every Game Pass device. Microsoft is bringing some to console and PC. But not the cloud. There are however some cloud compatible games in the mix.

Like The Ascent from Curve Digital. Or Narita Boy from Team 17 and Studio Koba. If you’re interested in seeing some of the games that Microsoft has in store for Game Pass, you can see some of them below in the [email protected] Spring Showcase trailer.


The trailer is fairly short so you aren’t going to get full-length trailers for each game. But you will get an overview of just about everything that’s coming. Microsoft’s blog post also shows all 22 games.

Xbox Game Pass is currently available for Xbox consoles, as well as PC. The cloud gaming feature is currently only available for mobile devices running on Android or iOS. Although Microsoft is testing the PC version of the cloud service.