Cloud Gaming With Xbox Game Pass May Be Getting 1080p Support Soon

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Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming only supports 720p resolution streams, but that might be getting a bump up to 1080p in the near future. Or at least sometime this year.

Since the cloud gaming portion of Xbox Game Pass launched, 720p has been the only option for gamers. Likely because it needs less bandwidth and uses less data. And Microsoft probably just wasn’t ready to push out constant streams of 1080p to all those that games using Xbox Game Pass.

But, it looks like that may be changing soon. As Windows Central reports, Microsoft has been testing the 1080p streaming.


Xbox Game Pass with 1080p streaming is currently in testing

Worth noting is that Microsoft have not confirmed it’s testing 1080p streaming yet. But, it does seem to be in testing.

The report showcases screenshots of games being streamed in 1080p. Specifically Hellblade. The screenshots reportedly come from a trusted source, showing overlays that indicate various different types of data about the stream. Including resolution, bandwidth, and jitter.

Two of the screenshots compare the visual differences, with one being the 720p stream that players currently have access to and the other being a 1080p stream. There are obvious differences between the two streams. And while both look good, the 1080p stream displays things much more clearly.

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1080p streams would put Game Pass more in line with the competition

Xbox Game Pass with cloud gaming is no doubt a popular service and for good reason. But one area where it lacks is in the resolution department.

Releasing 1080p streaming would put Xbox Game Pass more on par with the competition. As options like Stadia, GeForce NOW, and Shadow all offer 1080p. With Stadia and Shadow offering up to 4K and 60 frames per second.

From a graphics standpoint, Xbox Game Pass is far in the back. But it’s such a good value for gamers that it still comes out on equal footing, and for many it’s the top solution for cloud gaming.


Since the 1080 streams are said to currently be in testing, there’s no telling how long it will be before it launches for the public. Microsoft is suspected to be upgrading the hardware for its cloud gaming throughout this year, though. And as that’s happening a slow rollout of 1080 game streaming could come along with it. At this point it’s just a matter of waiting.

Keep in mind that when it does finally arrive, you’ll be eating up more data and bandwidth when using it.