Verizon Set To Debut "Yahoo+", Let's Hope It's Better Than Its Last Subscription Service

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It’s not another streaming service, but Verizon is planning to launch a subscription service very soon called “Yahoo+”. Because everyone needs to add a plus to their service’s name these days.

Basically, Yahoo+ would be a bundle of the already available Yahoo Portfolio, which nearly three million people pay for right now – surprisingly. And Verizon would add in a few other goodies down the road, to make the subscription a bit more worth it.

Now this isn’t a rumor, as Verizon’s head of Consumer, Joanna Lambert did go on record with Axios about this, stating that “Yahoo is the future of our consumer facing brand.” A bit weird to hear that Yahoo is “the future”, but that is what Verizon believes.


Lambert also noted that “over time, we will be moving non-Yahoo brands and centralizing them around Yahoo.” The media outlets that Verizon owns – TechCrunch, AutoBlog and Engadget to name a few – have not been rebranded. But they are available across the entire Yahoo ecosystem.

What will be included in Yahoo+?

Yahoo already offers some of these services in beta, but there will be Yahoo Fantasy Plus, Yahoo Finance Plus, Yahoo Mail Plus, Yahoo Plus Protect and TechCrunch’s ExtraCrunch. Some of these services are still used quite extensively. For instance, Yahoo Fantasy and Yahoo Finance. And the plus versions would bring even more research tools into the fray.

Verizon is also reportedly experimenting with “Tastemakers”. Which would give users free access to the Yahoo subscription premium features, including investor reports. Yahoo says that the idea behind Tastemakers is to “lure more people into subscribe to Yahoo products.


This move by Verizon is actually a smart one, since it does already have a paying user-base. Adding more products to this subscription service makes it more likely that people will sign up. However, there is no details on pricing just yet. So it’s tough to say whether this will be a subscription worth getting. But it does look better than Go90 ever did.