Unlimited Google Meet Video Calls For Gmail Extended Through June

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Google has just stated that it will continue to offer unlimited Google Meet video calling for Gmail users through June 2021. This news comes from a tweet that was posted just today by the Google Workspace Twitter account.

The free unlimited video calls will last until June 30th

Gmail users have a full three months left to utilize the free Google Meet video calls, as June 30th is the date that the service will be discontinued. This comes after Google originally stated that the cut-off date would be March 31st. This is, undoubtedly, because companies are still obeying social distancing measures. This is also fortunate because it gives users more time to prepare for the return of the normal plans.

Last April, when the Coronavirus spread was ramping up, video calling services like Skype and Zoom were becoming more popular. Google, not to be outdone, integrated Google Meet into Gmail so that users could have access to video calling services. The cut-off deadline was originally set for September of last year but was extended after the situation proved to be much more severe. Now, with the March 31st deadline about to expire, users can breathe a sigh of relief now that they have three extra months.


Google Meet price and features

Google Meet has a robust set of features that you could use for your video calling needs- even for the free plan. The highlights of the free plan include 1 on 1 video calling up to 24 hours, with a 1 hour limit on calls with three or more people. You can have up to 100 people meet in the same call. Other features include anti-abuse features and 2-step verification.

The paid tiers have all of the features that the free plan has, plus some other goodies. The next tier up is the $8/month plan. You have up to 24 hours on both 1 on 1 calls and calls with three or more people. The maximum number of people allowed on a call is 150. The highest tier is the “Google Workspace Enterprise” plan. The price isn’t available on the page, so it’s most likely based on your business needs (and very expensive). This one has the 24 hour limit for 1 on 1 calls and calls with three or more people. Calls are limited to 250 people at once. Also, all of the plans have unlimited calls – even the free plan!

With three more months left, it’ll be worth looking to Google Meet for your business video calling needs. Since it’s being offered for free, it’s a great time to experiment with the features it has to offer.