Ulefone Goes Hands-On With The Armor 11 5G: Video

Ulefone Armor 11 5G hands on image 2

The Ulefone Armor 11 5G is one of the company’s newest smartphones. This is one of the company’s rugged phones, and Ulefone just released a hands-on video with the Armor 11 5G.

This video is embedded below the article, and it has a duration of less than two minutes. If you’re at all interested in getting the Armor 11 5G, this video may help you decide. It will give you a closer look at the phone, and some of its features.

This video shows the Ulefone Armor 11 5G and some of its features

The first aspect of the phone that the company highlights, is its 5G capability. Presuming that 5G is available in your region, this phone can provide you with next-level connectivity.


Ulefone also wanted to emphasize that this handset comes with 256GB of internal storage. Video streaming has been shown off as well, over a 5G network.

If you like gaming, well, this phone can handle games just fine, which is also something Ulefone highlighted here. The company also showed off some camera samples from this phone.

You’ll see both image and video samples. Some of those have been taken with the main camera, others with an ultra-wide one. This phone comes with an ultra-wide camera that has a 125-degree FoV (Field-of-View).


The phone also comes with a Night Vision camera, which will come in handy in pitch black conditions. All in all, it’s a well-equipped phone. In case you’re wondering what specs does the phone feature, read on.

The phone includes 8GB of RAM, a large battery, and supports wireless charging

The Ulefone Armor 11 5G comes with a 6.1-inch display, while it is fueled by the MediaTek Dimensity 800 SoC. It also includes 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

A 5,200mAh battery is also a part of the package, and it even supports wireless charging (10W). The phone includes five cameras on the back, 48, 13, 20, and two 2-megapixel cameras. In addition to the wide-angle and ultra-wide angle cameras, a Night Vision one is included, along with a macro camera, and a depth camera.


The Ulefone Armor 11 5G is now available for only $369.99, as part of Ulefone’s anniversary sale on AliExpress. This deal ends on April 2, so if you’re interested, hit the link down below.

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