Twitter Spaces Rolling Out For Android Users In Beta

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Twitter is opening its Clubhouse-style audio chat room, Spaces, to Android users. The feature is now rolling out in beta to eligible Android users around the world, though it’s unclear if every user who is part of the app’s beta program will get access to it. Spaces appear alongside Fleets in the top bar of the Twitter app.

Earlier this week, some Android users reported seeing Spaces chat rooms in a specific beta version of the app. It was likely an early preview for a select few users. The company has now officially acknowledged that Spaces is rolling out in beta to Android users.

Twitter Spaces now available in beta for Android users

Twitter Spaces lets users create public audio chat rooms on the microblogging platform. The feature was first announced for iOS users in December last year. The company said Spaces will be available to “a very small feedback group” initially. It is now expanding the availability to include Android users as well, and in the process, Twitter has beaten its rival Clubhouse to the punch.


Launched in March 2020, Clubhouse is still only available on iOS. The invite-only audio-chat app gained huge popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. It crossed 10 million downloads on the App Store globally in less than a year since launch. The company has announced plans for an Android app but has yet to share an ETA (estimated time of arrival).

In the meantime, Twitter Spaces, which is essentially the social media giant’s take on Clubhouse, is now available on Android as well, albeit in beta. The feature for Android still comes with limitations though. You cannot yet start your own audio chat room on Android. You can only join Spaces created by others, iOS users, to be specific. Not all iOS users can host their own Spaces as yet, though. Twitter says the ability to create your own Space will be available to both Android and iOS users “soon,” without offering an exact timeframe.

Once you join a Twitter Spaces chat room, you can talk, listen to conversations, view captions, and react using emojis. The host can moderate the conversation when needed. Hosts have control over who can speak and can also select who can join the Spaces with speaking privileges. They can also remove, report, and block other participants. Twitter currently lets a maximum of ten people speak at the same time in Spaces, though there is no limit on the number of listeners.