The Sonos Roam Is Coming Next Month, For $169

sonos roam

According to The Verge, this is the Sonos Roam. The new product that Sonos is announcing later this month and set to go on sale in April. It’s a much smaller portable speaker, compared to the Move. And it actually resembles the Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth speaker a bit, as well as the OontZ Angle Bluetooth speakers, which are very popular on Amazon.

The Verge quotes a source that says that the Roam measures in at 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. And it weighs in at around a pound. Making it pretty lightweight, a stark difference from the other Sonos speakers.

It will be the first Sonos speaker to use a USB cable to charge as well. Sonos will sell a wireless charging dock that will be separate for $49. Of course, it’ll be in black or white, to match the other Sonos speakers in its lineup. And will also work with the multi-room audio features that Sonos has already in its ecosystem.


The Sonos Roam will work on Bluetooth and WiFi

Like the Sonos Move, its other portable speaker, it will work on both Bluetooth and WiFi. Of course, without Bluetooth support, the Roam wouldn’t be very portable. As you’d only really be able to use it around your home, where it’s still connected to your WiFi network.

Speaking of this being a portable speaker, the battery life on the Sonos Roam is expected to be around 10 hours of playback. Which is pretty decent for a speaker that is this size, and with the audio quality that Sonos is known for.

It does appear to have a microphone button on the top of the Roam, which means that it likely supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Making that battery life even more impressive.


Finally, the Roam is expected to start shipping on April 20, and it will be priced at $169. Slotting it between the One SL and One speakers, and less than half the price of the Move.

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