The Accessibility Menu Gets Easier To Use In Android 12

Android 12 Logo AH 2

In the latest developer preview of Android 12, it appears that Google has cleaned up the accessibility menu and made it a whole lot easier to navigate.

Now, it’s likely that you don’t spend much time in the accessibility section of the settings, likely only when you first set up your new phone. But it’s still an important part of the settings section, with tons of very useful features. And if you use a password manager, the settings for it are located in there. So making it easier to navigate is always a good thing.

So what changed?

While we don’t have the developer preview installed on our Pixel devices, Android Police notes that the biggest differences are in the “Text and Display” submenu. They note that several of the options that are related to brightness, have all been moved into a new “Turn screen darker” option within that submenu. That gives them a unique page, making both of these menus easier to read. It also makes room for some more essential tools, including display size and font, which can be moved further up and front-and-center for the user.


Screen Shot 2021 03 18 at 1 59 40 PM

Obviously, these are some pretty small changes in the accessibility menu, but still useful changes for everyone. Making any part of the settings menu easier to navigate is always a good thing.

Now it’s worth noting that even though this is available in the second developer preview for Android 12, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make it to the final/stable version of Android 12. Many changes may end up getting reverted when the betas start launching, and even when the final version comes out around August or September of this year. So take this all with a grain of salt.


Most of the changes we’ve seen with Android 12 so far are pretty minimal. That is because the bigger features are being saved for the first beta, which should land in May. This is still a developer preview, so the majority of the changes are geared towards developers.