T-Mobile's Future Includes A Big Partnership With Google Services

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T-Mobile is not the only carrier that offers Android phones packed with Google services. But it is the carrier with the most Android users. And T-Mobile looks to be making some shifts that take all of that into account.

According to The Verge, T-Mobile and Google are entering in a pretty big partnership that includes a lot more Google services on Android devices sold with the carrier. From including RCS messaging to getting rid of TVision and transitioning to offering YouTube TV instead.

The deal between the two companies will see T-Mobile being a lot more supportive of all things Google. With much of the changes being reflected directly in user-facing aspects of the business.


Some Google services will come loaded on every T-Mobile Android phone

Many Google apps already come pre-installed on every single Android device regardless of carrier. But that’s a little different from what’s going on with Google and T-Mobile.

One of the things coming out of this partnership is that every Android device at T-Mobile will now start to support Google’s RCS messaging standard. This means no matter which Android device you use, if you’re on T-Mobile it’ll support RCS.

That will open up any Android user on the carrier to loads of advanced features. Like read receipts, now typing indicators, and more. This change won’t be nearly complete though till near the end of this year. Another big shift is T-Mobile’s support of Google One.


Google One of course is Google’s backup and storage service. It costs as little as $1.99 a month and adds more storage space to your Google account. Letting you store more photos and videos among other things. Google will also now be promoting YouTube TV.

It briefly offered its own live TV service called TVision. But it was announced today that the service would be shutting down. After only having been available for just a few months. To help entice subscribers, T-Mobile customers will get to save $10 off the normal cost of YouTube TV.

Expect heavy promotion of Pixel hardware

As it stands the only carrier where you could really buy Pixel devices is Verizon. Pixel phones and Nexus phones have been available from other carriers before. But for the past couple of years at least, Verizon has really been the only carrier selling Pixel hardware.


But this partnership between Google and T-Mobile changes that. Because it includes T-Mobile more heavily promoting Pixel hardware on its store shelves and on its website. The real change here is T-Mobile promoting Pixel devices. Which it has never done before now.

While not mentioned, this is something that’s likely to take effect more immediately than some of the other things. Since all T-Mobile has to do is start selling these devices and put out some marketing material and promotions.