Square Enix Brings Final Fantasy VIII Remastered To Android

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Android

Final Fantasy VIII is one of the last remaining mainline titles in the series that wasn’t available on Android, until today. Sometime early this morning, Square Enix quietly launched Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on the Android and iOS platforms.

Following this title in the mainline series, the only games that aren’t available on mobile are, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Final Fantasy XII, and the three games in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. Which consists of Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Really there are two more games in the mainline series that aren’t on mobile – Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XIV. These are both MMOs though. On top of that, Final Fantasy XI was planned for mobile, but that release has been cancelled. And Final Fantasy XIV is probably never going to get a mobile release due to the scope of the game.


And while the original version of Final Fantasy XV isn’t on mobile, the Pocket Edition is, which still includes the full game. Just with a different graphics style and gameplay mechanics scaled down for mobile.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered lands on Android for $17

If VIII was your favorite game in the series, or at least one of your favorites, you can relive the magic of it via your phone for $17. Since this is the remastered version, the experience should also feel a little new. As visuals will be enhanced and things should look slightly better.

That being said, there are some things to keep in mind. It appears the game does not currently support controllers. Which means you’d be required to use the touch controls for this one. Some of the Final Fantasy ports on Android have decent touch controls. But that doesn’t mean this one does. It may and it may not.


Cloud save also looks to be absent. Which is a pretty big feature to leave out considering many of the other FF ports offer it.

There is at least one bug to keep an eye out for

Square Enix does mention this on the Play Store listing page for the game, but there is at least one bug to look out for.

If you attempt to leave your vehicle when you’re close to areas of the map that you cannot pass, the vehicle may end up stuck. This can also happen when you try to leave the vehicle during certain scripted events.


Basically just be careful of when you try to leave the vehicle in the points of the game where you are in one. There’s not really a permanent fix for this at the moment but SE does acknowledge it. Suggesting that it is working on one.

What you can do is reload a save from before getting stuck. So saving the game as much as you can is good practice here.