Spotify Rolls Out Mobile-Like Interface For Desktop & Web App

spotify update new interface

Spotify, in an official blog, announced that it is rolling out a new interface for its desktop and web app, for both Mac and Windows. Notably, by the looks of it, the UI is noticeably similar to the mobile app.

The user interface redesign brings a ton of tweaks and visual enhancements for the Spotify desktop app. The changes will be available for all users across the globe.

Spotify aims to improve navigation by providing controls and features across playlists, search, radio, and more. Overall, the new update streamlines the elements of the Spotify desktop app.


One important change that you will notice is that Spotify has moved the oddly placed search bar, previously found on the top left of the interface. The search bar is now available in the left-side slim navigation panel.

The Swedish music streaming company says this new update has been pushed after months of debates and discussions. Moreover, the Browse and Radio buttons are now placed inside the 3-dot menu, which can be found in the top-left corner.

Users can now drag and drop songs they like into their existing playlists. Additionally, now you can also write descriptions, and upload images about the track as well.


Spotify Premium also gets the ability to download playlists directly on the desktop

Spotify Premium users on mobile could easily download their entire playlists on their smartphones. Fortunately, with this new update, Spotify has also enabled this feature for desktop users also.

Meaning that Spotify premium users can download their playlists on their desktop by simply pressing the Download button. This is a pretty handy addition to the music streaming app’s desktop users.

Besides, the app no longer clutters Your Library section within the navigation bar with details regarding Made For You, Recently Played, Albums, Artists, or Podcasts.


Now, you will be displayed all the info about each section only when you click the Library section. Your Library section will now show four categories starting from Playlists, Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes, Release Radar, and more.

All these changes for the Spotify desktop app on Mac and Windows via an update are already rolling out for the users. PC users on Windows can download the new update on the Windows Store and Epic Games Store.

While Mac users can download this new Spotify update from here. If you do not wish to download the separate desktop app, you can always stream Spotify via its web app by going to open.spotify.com.