Sony's $2,500 Smartphone Shines In A Series Of Durability Tests

Sony Xperia Pro durability test

The Sony Xperia Pro is the company’s extremely expensive smartphone. That didn’t stop Zack to put it through its paces, though. Sony’s $2,500 smartphone got submitted to a series of durability tests.

The phone did really well in them, as you can see in the video embedded below the article. The video has a duration of around 8 minutes, in case you’re interested in checking it out. That being said, let’s get to it.

Sony’s $2,500 smartphone durability tests started with a scratch test

The first test that Zack performed is the scratch test. The phone’s display started scratching at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7. That is to be expected considering we’re looking at Gorilla Glass 6 here.


The phone’s selfie camera is placed under that very same glass, while the earpiece doesn’t have any exterior grills. The phone’s buttons are made out of metal, while Sony applied plastic on top of the metal frame. The same goes for the back side of the phone.

The phone’s display lasted for about 25 seconds when exposed to fire from a lighter, and it seems to have recovered afterwards. This test doesn’t really say much, but Zack likes to perform it regardless.

The phone’s side-facing fingerprint scanner seems to work even when scratched. Do note that it won’t work as well, though, which is to be expected, as Zack scratched it up quite a bit.


The phone did not break during the bend test

And lastly, the bend test. The Sony Xperia Pro did really well in the bend test. The phone did bend slightly during it, but it did not break, or anything of the sort. It also reverted to its normal form and continued working normally.

All in all, Sony’s premium device did really well in a series of durability tests. Considering that this phone doesn’t have a glass back, it should be even more durable than most phones out there. Plastic may not be the most premium material, but it sure is more resistant to shattering than glass.