Sony Taps John Wick Director For Official Ghost Of Tsushima Movie

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Sony is making a movie about 2020’s best PS4 game and one of the PS4’s best games overall, Ghost Of Tsushima. The movie will be directed by Chad Stahelski, who also directed the John Wick trilogy.

What that means for fans of the game, as well as the John Wick films, is that Ghost Of Tsushima in movie form can be expected to deliver a ton of action-packed scenes.

Other than Stahelski’s involvement, there’s not a ton of information out there about the movie yet. This leaves a lot of open-ended questions. Like whether or not the movie will actually be shot on Tsushima island, and whether or not the story will follow that of the game.


The Ghost Of Tsushima movie will have help from the game’s development studio

In addition to be directed by the man behind the vision of John Wick’s now wildly famous action scenes, the movie will have help from the game’s development studio, Sucker Punch Productions, as well as PlayStation Productions which is Sony’s division for creating movies based on its games.

With Sucker Punch on board, this should help the movie’s script move along nicely once things go into full swing. The story of Ghost Of Tsushima is based on the Mongol invasion of Japan’s Tsushima island in 1274. The game’s main hero is Jin Sakai, who comes from a prominent family of Samurai.

Over the course of the game, he is forced to abandon some of his core beliefs in order to fight back. But in doing so, he has to reconcile with the decision to let go of his honor. A decision he makes in order to save his people. The entire experience is an emotional roller coaster that has some very well-directed combat, and top-notch voice acting.

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Who will Sony use for the cast?

This is still unknown. But, Sony has a wonderful opportunity here to fill every possible role with the same cast as in the game.

The game’s main character for example has already appeared in plenty of TV and film productions. Jin Sakai is voiced by Daisuke Tsuji. Who has a mix of roles from The Man In The High Castle to Letters From Iwo Jima. He also appears in other video games voicing various roles.

Patrick Gallagher, who plays the game’s main antagonist Khotun Khan, has an extremely long list of roles. Then there’s much of the supporting cast, like Earl T. Kim, who voices one of Ghost Of Tsushima’s most loveable characters, Norio the warrior monk.


While there’s no guarantee Sony will use any of the game’s cast for the movie roles, it would be foolish not to. Seeing as how well each of them portrayed their characters.