This Brass PS5 Shines Like A Brand New Trumpet

Brass Sony PS5 Console

Sony’s PS5 is already a striking piece of tech that stands out because of its design, but what if it was made of brass? Well, wonder about that no more because Someone went ahead and made a brass PS5 to give it a shinier, more prestigious look.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I want a PS5 that looks like it’s straight out of a high school band room,” this version of the console essentially fills that role.

The console’s maker, who goes by the name DIY Perks on YouTube, has given the 5th gen PlayStation console a look that stands out even more than it did to begin with.


The brass PS5 is made of real brass, but not the whole thing

At first glance, the console looks like it may just have some brass colored paint or perhaps a skin that’s been applied to the outside. That isn’t the case though. The outside of the console is actually made of real brass.

Worth mentioning is that the entire console is not made of brass, obviously. It’s just the two side panels, and the strip in the middle where the ports and power button are.

DIY Perks says brass was the way to go for its simplicity in shaping. It’s apparently a lot easier to work with than some other metals. And as I noted above, it displays a nice, shiny look when it’s polished up properly. In the video below, you can see each of the brass pieces being shaped and fit to proper size.

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And at the end everything is all set up and plugged in. Working like any other PS5 console but, with a unique look. There’s even a side by side shot with a PS5 that hasn’t been changed in any way.

There are some drawbacks

From the looks of things, and from the description in the video, the console works fine. In fact everything seems to work as intended. All except one thing. The Wi-Fi.

The use of the brass seems to cause the Wi-Fi not to work. So before reassembling the console the Wi-Fi radio was removed. It didn’t work properly anyway, so there was no need for it. Since the PS5 does support ethernet though the console is still very much usable like a normal one would be. The internet just has to be hardwired 100% of the time.


Obviously that wouldn’t work for every single setup. But it’s definitely a neat project that results in a unique looking piece of tech that likely, no one else has.