Here Are Some Of The Best Android Apps On The Market Right Now

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The best android apps will often change year-on-year and monthly too. Of course, there will always be apps that are essential for every day, like WhatsApp etc. but the point is, Android apps are constantly being released left right and centre. If you are looking for the good stuff, it is always important to turn to the right resources for that guidance of what to check out. So, that is what we are here for. One thing worth mentioning is, there will always be great apps to play out there and just because we have not mentioned them, does not mean to not give any others a try!

While our recommendations will cover gaming, lifestyle and other genres, you could always head on over to Slotsia, which comparatively provides you information on some of the best gambling sites within the UK. Many of the sites operate via Android apps, should you wish to game for some real money winnings. Make sure to continue reading, to know of all the latest apps of the moment, to download on your Android device.


This app is probably known as one of the best apps out there for weather at the moment. It is a very simple app, however the design itself can help you predict the weather up to 12 weeks in advance, alongside providing you some really cool facts that you probably would not have known otherwise.

Based on your in-app preferences, you will get notifications about the weather, with quirky features and humor to tell you to take an umbrella out with you, if you are planning to stay out for a longer duration, this definitely will make sure that you are fully prepared and ready to face the outdoors!


Should you wish to check this app out for free, the free app operates on an advertisement basis, meaning you will need to pay £1.99 for access to the app advertisement free. Otherwise, should you not want to pay for the app, everything else works for free.

LastPass Password Manager

Are you one of those people who always seems to forget their password? Well, lucky for you, this app will allow you to manage all your passwords without ever having to scratch your head again trying to remember. Even if you are wanting to generate passwords for new accounts that you create, this app can make some specialized choices for you, that are very safe to use.

You can use this on tablets, PCs, and mobiles. Of course, by making sure that the app itself is updated frequently, will ensure its harmonization when you play even on the newest smartphones that come out and get released i.e. Google Pixel for example. Another good thing about this app is, should you use the free option, you get to have many options for managing your passwords for your accounts across the internet. Yes, it is not an unlimited amount, however you could make sure to integrate the most important accounts to yourself.

Podcast Addict

This lockdown has made everyone turn to podcasts during their long walks outside, Vulture specifically has quoted studies taken within the US particularly, and they came back with a huge increase in podcast listeners, from pre and during COVID-19. This app specifically allows you to browse podcasts via categories and pick out the best ones that work for you personally. The feature is particularly nice, as it allows you to create playlists for yourself and, this feature is actually available on the free version too, so you maximize your experience, should you be on the edge of whether or not you should purchase the app at full price, for example.


If you are new to the podcast scene and are not quite convinced by the Podcast Addict new app, you can check out our ‘Best Podcasts Android Apps’ post, for more options on the market today. The post does feature audiobook apps too, which should expand what is available for you to listen to, next time you opt to go for a nice long walk.

Tasker and IFTTT

The next one on our list, is a task manager application, for those that mean business and need to seriously organize their life-especially if you are currently working from home and out of the office. This app is a little bit long-winded in that it is very detailed and has many qualities to it, however once you actually know how to do everything, it is a life saver!

This app can support plugins that you add and integrate within the app functions. In addition to this, should you be wanting to set tasks for the day, or integrate a team operation, you can add multiple members to specific lists that you assign. This tasker does have everything, and from £2.99, you will be able to have word documents, spreadsheets, presentations-you name it basically. Nobody ever says no to an app that keeps you as organised as this. Oh did we mention that you have your own agenda calendar too that you can operate all your daily commitments through and ensure that you meet whatever tasks you have set yourself?

If you are not entirely convinced by us, you can totally check out the free version and try out the hacks that are available, but be warned that there are many advertisements that operate in between each option that the app provides.



TickTick is very similar to the task manager app we have listed above. This app allows you to do everything that any modern task and teams management app can do. Think Slack, Teams, Trello, etc. It is actually also much cheaper too. To have a small intimate team, you only need to pay £27.99 per year, and you will be allowed to try a free trial, to see just how you like it.

Hey, you can even use this to manage your everyday life and exciting tasks to do at home (notice the sarcasm when we say this), such as laundry, meal times and even your shopping list at the supermarket can be added on in here.

So yes, if you are thinking of just getting your stuff together during this pandemic, this most definitely would be one way of going about it. You can never get too organised, can you.

YouTube Music

You may have seen this advertised already, as YouTube seems to be doing a very good job of advertising their latest features. Nevertheless, YouTube Music is actually the next big thing to compete against audio platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. Should you wish to download the full version (at £12.99 per month), you will be spared of those dreadful advertisements that are pushed so frequently within YouTube these days. It is essentially a fast pass out to unlimited streaming of any music, and music videos online and offline.


The reviews so far for YouTube Music definitely pan out. We have seen some say that the audio quality may be on the lower side in comparison to the big bosses of audio i.e. Apple Music, however it could prove convenient if you are one of those that like to watch YouTube videos all the time. Everything from audio, tutorial video content and more is yours to stream offline with a simple download. Bye to the days where music was downloaded onto music managers, and then added to devices, right?


Zedge is the last option that we want to talk about. You may have never heard of this app before, yet let us assure you that it is a great add on to your Android for the month of March. This app gives you everything from some super groovy wallpapers, ringtones for your mobile phone (which can be customized for different people by the way), and alarm customizations for everyday life. There are many more things in there, we just wanted to pick out the grooviest of choices to talk about.

If you are a festive orientated person, you may be happy to know that this app customizes all its in-app designs and features, around the season. At Christmas time, you will be able to access festive wallpapers to decorate your phone with for example. Sure, this app is really simple and there could be a lot more integrated on it, however at $4.99 a year, it is a bargain really, isn’t it?

The app continuously gets updated, so there are always great things to look forward to for you and your phone customizations, all year round. As is everything else on Android, you can test out the app before you buy the full version, yet again you will have to tolerate the heavy advertisements that come in and out when you use it, just long enough to make up your mind about it we guess.


That concludes our top apps for Android this March, yet rest assured each and every month, more and more apps are developed and added to the market across the genres and categories of the application store. It is always best to keep a lookout and stay updated with us, as we always hear first on what the best options actually are out there.