Some Galaxy S21 Camera Features Are Coming To The Galaxy S20 FE

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After the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy S20 FE is now picking up more camera features from the Galaxy S21 series. The affordable Samsung flagship is receiving a new software update that brings the new camera features to the device.

The update bears firmware version G781BXXU2CUC6 for the Galaxy S20 FE 5G and is currently rolling out in several European countries, including Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, the Baltic region, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and the Nordic region. The rollout should expand to markets outside Europe over the next few days.

Among the new camera features that are coming to the Galaxy S20 FE with this update include the ability to use the ultrawide camera in the Pro mode. The device is also getting new studio-like effects in the Portrait mode. These effects let you change the background color of a photo to black or white, or let the camera app randomly choose a color.


Galaxy S20 FE gets some Galaxy S21 camera features, but a few are missing

Unfortunately, features like the ability to capture portrait images in low-light conditions and Night Mode support for the ultrawide camera aren’t coming to the Galaxy S20 FE. The device also isn’t getting the option to use the maximum possible exposure in the Night Mode. All of these features have made it into the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 phones.

Director’s View is another Galaxy S21 camera feature that hasn’t made it into the Galaxy S20 FE with this update. However, that was expected as the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 failed to get it either. The limitations in these phone’s ISP (image signal processors) are likely the reason for this. So there’s little hope it’ll ever come to any of Samsung’s older flagships. Director’s View lets you see the output from all the cameras at once, so you can capture a scene in the best possible way.

Note that the 4G variant of the Galaxy S20 FE has yet to pick up the latest update. However, that should only be a matter of time now. As always, these updates are released in batches and may not be available for all eligible devices simultaneously. You should receive a notification to download the update once it becomes available for your phone. You can also check for the latest update by going to the Software update menu in your phone’s Settings app.