Snap AR Spectacles Are Coming To Paint The World In AR Effects

Snapchat AH NS 03

According to Engadget Snap AR Spectacles are on the way allegedly. In addition, a selfie drone is rumored to be on the way as well. May could be when the new smart glasses get shown off to the world which is really close.

Now, this isn’t the first time Snap has dabbled in making in hardware. The company released multiple versions of its Spectacles smart glasses over the years.

Now, the next iteration of their smart glasses could come with built-in-displays that support augmented reality effects. These sound like something Tony Stark would wear.


The upcoming next-gen Spectacles will be able to layer Snapchat lenses aka AR effects onto surrounding environments. This is even cooler when considering that all of this can be done without needing a smartphone’s camera. The Information originally reported this information.

Snap AR Spectacles are on the way along with a selfie drone

Unfortunately, the upcoming smart glasses are not intended for everyday users. So for normal people, they may not be able to get their hands on some. But, creators and developers, are the target audience here.

Snap seems to be hoping that new lens-style experiences will be created which the company can distribute on a mass level later on. The new glasses are poised to be announced by the company at its developer conference in May, allegedly.


The co-founder of Snap has spoken before about bringing AR to glasses. As a result of this, it is not surprising to see the company gearing up to reveal some. AR is one of the new technologies that is starting to catch on heavily.

AR is already being used in video games like Pokemon Go, and companies like Facebook and Apple are working on AR wearables. In addition, on an even more exciting note, Snap is looking to build a selfie drone.

Snape is said to have invested $20 million in Zero Zero Robotics. This company built a folding camera drone, so investing in them is a smart idea. Back in 2017 Snap was in talks of purchasing the company. However, Snap engineers are working on their own machine with the help of a drone company according to The Information.


This news is amazing for all of the super techies out there. A selfie drone is a cool concept and makes plenty of sense in this social media-focused world. Imagine how much easier it will be to get the perfect selfie of you, or a group of friends now.

We’ll have to wait and see what pictures people will come up with in the future.