Samsung Is Working On A New Mid-Range Exynos Chipset

exynos 2100

Samsung could be working on a new Exynos SoC for mid-range 5G smartphones. According to a GalaxyClub report, the chipset is currently in development with model number S5E5515. However, it might not debut anytime soon.

Samsung’s numbering scheme for its Exynos processors is all over the place right now. For example, the chipset with model number S5E9820, which powered the Galaxy S10 series, debuted under the name Exynos 9820. Its successor S5E9830 launched as Exynos 990, powering the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series, while the S5E9840 arrived as Exynos 2100 inside the Galaxy S21 series.

In the budget and mid-range segment, the Exynos 850 bears the model number S5E3830. The Exynos 980, which powers the Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A71 5G is identified by the model number S5E9630 while the newer Exynos 1080 has the model number S5E9815.


Judging by this, the S5E5515 should be a mid-range Exynos processor sitting above the Exynos 850 in terms of performance. It should also surpass the performance levels of the Exynos 980 that launched in late 2019. It should also be safe to assume that the new chipset will support 5G connectivity, just like all other recent Exynos processors.

A new mid-range Exynos processor is on the horizon

After a troublesome couple of years, Samsung finally started making competitive smartphone chipsets last year. The company decided to abandon its custom Mongoose CPU cores in favor of stock ARM cores and this move has paid off. The recently launched Exynos 1080 and Exynos 2100 both offer performance on par with rival solutions.

Samsung is further working with AMD to use the latter’s Radeon graphics in its Exynos chipsets. The company believes using AMD GPUs will greatly improve the graphics performance of its mobile processors.


Although there’s no report yet on anything as such, there’s every possibility that the new S5E5515 would be the first Exynos processor with AMD GPU. That said, it’s not even clear whether Samsung is developing the new Exynos chipset for smartphones.

The Korean firm also makes wearable products and is working on a pair of AR Glasses as well. So the upcoming chipset may also end up inside one of those products. The Exynos 5430 that powered the Galaxy Alpha back in 2014 was the last Exynos processor in the “5” series.

Even if it’s intended for smartphones, we may not see it debut inside devices before the end of 2021. As the report notes, the Exynos 980 took nearly ten months to make its commercial debut since it first appeared on the radar. So the S5E5515 will likely arrive in a product towards the end of 2021 or early 2022.