Samsung Sets Next Unpacked Event For March 17

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Samsung has announced its next Unpacked event, which will take place on March 17. The company has announced the news via its official Twitter handle. In that tweet, the company shared a video teaser for the event.

Truth be said, that teaser video doesn’t really say much. The company is using the “Galaxy Awesome Unpacked” caption for the event, though. We’re not sure if the “Awesome” part is supposed to indicate the “Galaxy A” series of devices, but that’s what’s expected.

The next Samsung Unpacked press event will happen on March 17

This online-only press event will kick off on March 17 at 10 AM ET / 7 AM PST. This is quite odd, as Samsung doesn’t usually hold Unpacked events for its mid-range smartphones. So, this is a new occurrence.


Samsung will likely announce the Galaxy A52 and A72 smartphones during this event. Those two phones have been leaking for quite some time now, and this seems to be the perfect time for them to arrive.

The company may announce something else, though. The Galaxy Z Flip is not expected to arrive just yet, but Samsung could tease the phone. The company may even reveal some details about it.

We somehow doubt that Samsung would organize a whole event, and livestream it, just for the Galaxy A series. Some rumors are even saying that an Exynos-powered Windows 10 PC with AMD GPU could make an appearance.


The Galaxy A series is quite important for Samsung

Now, the Galaxy A52 and A72 are quite important smartphones for Samsung. The company’s Galaxy A devices are selling extremely well, and one of them was the company’s best-selling smartphone last year.

Perhaps that’s the reason Samsung is doing this, and giving them even more attention. The Galaxy A52 and A72 are expected to be amongst the best-selling Galaxy A phones in 2021. We still don’t have a livestream link for this event, but that will change in the near future, as we come closer to the launch day.