Samsung Rolls Out One UI 3.1 Update For The Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 AM AH 29

Samsung devices are receiving new updates left, right, and center. Be it a security patch, Android 11 update, or the latest One UI 3.1 update. The latest device to bag the One UI 3.1 update is the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.

Recently, its previous generation, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold received the update, and now, it is time for the Fold 2 to receive it. The latest version of custom skin from Samsung packs in a bunch of new and exciting features.

This Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G One UI 3.1 update improves the everyday interactions with your device and provides a more natural experience. The new skin also improves the multi-tasking capabilities of the phone.


Talking about multi-tasking, with the new One UI 3.1 update, Galaxy Z Fold 2 users can now switch back to up to three previously opened Multi-Active Windows on the Main Screen using the Recents tab.

Well, this does not end here. Users will also be able to bring back two active Multi-Active Windows to the cover screen from the main screen using the Recents tab.

Another function One UI 3.1 update adds to Galaxy Z Fold 2 is, now you can launch a Multi-Active Window directly from the notifications panel by long-pressing the notification and dragging and dropping the relevant notification.

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It will allow users to quickly reply to urgent messages while they are doing some other important tasks.

Routine interactions are also made simpler with Galaxy Z Fold 2 One UI 3.1 update

Some other additions of the One UI 3.1 update are that now Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G users do not require reaching the power button to turn off their phones.

Now, simply by turning on the “Palm touch to turn off screen” under the Settings menu, users can put their Galaxy Z Fold 2’s Cover and Main Screen on standby. You just need to palm touch or double-tap to do that. Pretty nifty!


Quick Panel is also now categorized. Meaning that you can now quickly switch between relevant media controls in the Quick Panel using the swipe gestures.

One UI 3.1 update also syncs the Weather widget information both on the main and cover display. This would provide some information to the users with no lag.

Notably, some improvements for the Camera app are also introduced with the new update. You can now adjust or change the Controls positions while using the Camera app using Flex mode. Delete and Share buttons are also now shown in the preview window.


While making video calls in Flex mode, you can also fill the top half of the screen with the video of the person with whom you are talking to.

Samsung has also redesigned the volume slider. The horizontal volume slider is now changed with a vertical volume slider for ease of use. Besides, there are some changes made to the Light and Dark themes on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.