Samsung May Opt For The Galaxy Z Flip 2 Name After All

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip AM AH 18

The next-gen Samsung Galaxy Z Flip device is coming this year, and a well-known analyst hints it may be called the Galaxy Z Flip 2 after all. We’ve been hearing different information for quite some time now, so this is rather interesting.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip launched last year, as the first device in the series. The Galaxy Z Flip 2 is a logical next step, but… the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is coming this year. So, quite a few reports suggested that Samsung is looking to bring the Z Flip and Z Fold lineups to the same playing field, and opt to skip the Z Flip 2 name altogether.

Samsung may use the Galaxy Z Flip 2 name after all

So, the rumors have been saying that we’ll get the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 this year. Ross Young believed so as well, until now. The display analyst said via Twitter that he’s hearing different information now.


Another tipster, Chun, responded, saying that he is still getting information that Samsung will use the Z Flip 3 name. Following that, Mr. Young said that he’s still not 100-percent sure, but he believes that the Z Flip 2 will be the name.

Now, we won’t know for sure until Samsung actually announces the phone. Speaking of which, both phones are rumored to arrive in July or August this year. We’re not sure if they’ll launch together, though.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 or 3, whatever its name ends up being, will be a phone that folds vertically. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will essentially be a small tablet that folds horizontally into a smartphone form.

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Both devices will resemble their predecessors… to a degree

The two phones are actually expected to resemble their predecessors to a degree, that’s for sure. Samsung will make some generational improvements, though, of course.

Both of those smartphones are expected to be quite powerful, though the Z Fold 3 will likely be a bit more powerful in the hardware sense. The two phones will also get plenty of competition from other OEMs this year, at least according to reports.