Galaxy Watch 3 Calculates "Sleep Scores" Now, Just Like Fitbit

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Wearables are really useful for people who want to track their sleep habits. 9to5Google has reported that the Galaxy Watch 3 calculates “Sleep Scores” now thanks to a new Samsung Health update.  The Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the best smartwatches out currently, and it looks like it is getting better.

The latest update from Samsung is currently rolling out to Galaxy Watch 3 owners. In the update, the smartwatch now calculates Sleep Score just like Fitbit. The update changelog was originally published by Verizon and spotted by Droid-Life.

The update brings a decent number of new features with it. These new features include better auto-workout detection. This improved detection brings the time for detecting a run or elliptical workout down to three minutes from 10 minutes.


The update also removes the second counter from AOD watch faces. However, the tweaks to Samsung Health may be the most notable. The new update brings along a “Together” feature that allows you to track your progress and challenge your friends or family.

Galaxy Watch 3 calculates “Sleep Scores” now to grade your sleeping habits

Working out can be tough to do in a mental sense. Sometimes a user has to motivate, but motivation can be hard to find somedays. Now users can challenge friends and family which should make it easier to find motivation. Competition can be the perfect driving force, and we know that from how competitive the smartphone market is.

In addition to being able to challenge your friends and family, the new update allows the Galaxy Watch 3 to calculate a “Sleep Score”. Based on the quality and length of your sleep. The “Sleep Score” can range between 1 and 100.


This feature isn’t anything new in the world of wearables. In fact, Fitbit has offered this to its users for some time now. At face value, Samsung’s offering seems extremely familiar to Fitbit’s. The differences between them are unclear for the moment though.

Being able to track your sleep is a good way to try and improve your sleep routine. Having a numerical indication of how good or bad your sleep was the night before. Knowing this information can help you figure out how to improve your sleep habits.

With more people working remotely more than ever it can be hard to get plenty of sleep. This is even more true thanks to many people being exposed to blue light for hours at a time. Now for owners of the Galaxy Watch 3, they can track their sleep in hopes of improving their sleep habits.


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