Samsung Accidentally Confirms The Galaxy A52 5G & Xcover 5 Are Coming

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G press render

Like every year, Samsung is expected to launch a handful of smartphones across various price points this year as well. The Galaxy A52 5G and the Galaxy Xcover 5 are among the devices that we should be seeing on the market in the coming months. Multiple leaks over the past couple of months have revealed quite a lot about both devices. And while we still wait for an official announcement, someone in Samsung’s camp seems to have jumped the gun and listed the two unannounced phones on the company’s official security updates website.

Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy Xcover 5 officially listed to receive monthly security updates

As spotted by SamMobile, Samsung has officially scheduled the Galaxy A52 5G and the Galaxy Xcover 5 to receive monthly security updates. Interestingly, apart from the Galaxy A50 no other Galaxy A series phone receives security updates in a monthly cycle. The Galaxy A50 is an enterprise model so we understand why Samsung gives it preferential treatment. However, the Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A51 5G launched last year, as well as all other Galaxy A series phones, have been receiving quarterly security updates since their first day on the market.

Samsung now putting the Galaxy A52 5G on the monthly security update schedule comes as a surprise. Maybe the Korean giant wants to make the device more appealing to consumers, now that people have grown more conscious about the privacy and security of their smartphones.


Reports suggest that the upcoming Galaxy A series phone will also be available in an LTE variant. There’s no mention of this phone on Samsung’s official security updates website as yet. This device may only receive security updates in a quarterly cycle.

That said, Samsung has now removed the Galaxy A52 5G from the list, suggesting that it was a premature move. So things might still change and there’s a possibility that the device will end up receiving quarterly security updates.

The Galaxy Xcover 5, meanwhile, is still on the list. It was also reportedly temporarily removed from the list but it’s now back on it. The device makes it into the list as an Enterprise model, just like its predecessors. So it’s not very surprising that it will receive monthly security updates.

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Nonetheless, it appears the Galaxy A52 5G and the Galaxy Xcover 5 are just days away from their official introduction. We will keep you updated with any new development that emerges in the coming days.

Samsung Galaxy a52 5g xcover 5 security update