A Rumor Says Google Could Release The Pixel Buds A This Year

Google Pixel Buds 2 AM AH 3

A new rumor has surfaced which suggests that Google’s latest set of truly wireless earbuds will be called the Pixel Buds A. The report comes from 9To5Google citing unnamed sources, and states that there won’t be many changes the design.

Rather, the changes will be on the inside. With new features and improved hardware as opposed to swapping out the looks for something different.

While the overall design of the earbuds is supposed to stay the same, the colors are said to be different. And unlike the color options for the current Pixel Buds, the new A model will apparently only come in two different colors.

The Pixel Buds A will be available in white and green variations

We know what you’re thinking. The current Pixel Buds already come in white. And you’re correct, they do come in white. But the white option for the current pair of Pixel Buds also has a set of black ear tips. There’s also black on the inside of the case, which you can see even when the top is flipped shut.


The white version of the new A model will be completely white. Right down to the ear tips. While also swapping out the black inside of the case for the white to match the outside. Google is doing the exact same thing with the other color. Which is said to be a darker forest green option.

If these colors are accurate, it’s also possible that Google is choosing them based on colors of the upcoming Pixel 5a, so the colors would match.

These may be less expensive than the current Pixel Buds

Google has been using the letter A in its Pixel phone names for the last couple of years. The A models of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 series phones are set up as less expensive versions of their counterparts.

So it seems that Google’s decision to put out a pair of Pixel Buds A is about offering a set of true wireless earbuds that won’t cost as much. The rumor doesn’t mention anything about a price point or whether or not there will be any loss of features.


But if Google is sticking with the theme of its A products, the new buds may very well not come with everything the Pixel Buds offer. According to previous reports, Google is expected to release these new Pixel Buds A in April.

They also recently seem to have surfaced in an FCC listing.