Get Ready For Rocket League On Mobile Later This Year

Rocket League Side Swipe Mobile 2

Rocket League is the next PC and console game that’s making the jump to mobile devices, allowing you to take that fun with you wherever you go.

Officially the title is called Rocket League Sideswipe, and its the first mobile title from Psyonix, who is owned by Epic Games. Rocket League Sideswipe is also going to be available for both Android and iOS platforms. So no one is getting left out here.

This will be a standalone title in the Rocket League franchise. Which will now consist of two games. This one and the original Rocket League for PC and consoles. Since this is a standalone title, it’s not really tied to the original in any way in regards to game progress or content.


Rocket League Sideswipe comes to mobile later this year

Curious about when you can get your hands on the new game? We are too. But for right now Psyonix hasn’t announced an official date for release. The studio has confirmed that it’s coming sometime later this year though.

So it is coming in 2021. It’s just a matter of when. Now that the game has been officially announced, interested players can keep an eye out for a release date confirmation once it gets closer to whatever that date is.

When the game does launch, it’ll happen worldwide so everyone gets to start playing at the same time regardless of what region they live in. Rocket League Sideswipe will also be a free-to-play title. So there will be micro transactions that allow Psyonix to monetize the game.

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As you can tell from the screenshots and the trailer, there’s going to be some level of customization for your vehicles. So it’s likely that some micro transactions will revolve around that.

Gameplay features side scrolling visuals and quick matches

While much of the game will likely feel familiar if you’ve played the original Rocket League, Sideswipe will definitely have its differences. For one the visuals are side scrolling. So you won’t have the full range of visuals you see in the main game. Controls are developed mainly with mobile touchscreens in mind as well.

Matches are also designed to be quick and only last a few minutes. You can play against another player in a 1v1 match, or play against two other players in a 2v2 match should you want to include a friend.


Psyonix is holding a limited alpha test starting today, but only for Australia and New Zealand. There will however be beta tests in the future that will reach other regions. So look out for those if you want to give this game a shot before it launches officially. Whenever that happens to be.