The RedMagic 6 Pro Has More RAM Than Your Gaming PC

RedMagic 6 RedMagic 6 Pro 4

The RedMagic 6 Pro has more RAM than your gaming PC. That is, assuming your gaming PC doesn’t have 32GB of RAM for all its gloriousness.

Today RedMagic announced the RedMagic 6 series of devices. Which includes three phones. The RedMagic 6 and the RedMagic Pro, and then the RedMagic 6 Pro Transparent Edition. The latter of which can come with up to 18GB of RAM (There’s also a 16GB RAM model).

Does your smartphone need that much RAM? No. Absolutely not. Even if it is a gaming phone. Does that make it any less exciting to have a device that is this over powered? Probably not. Though it really all depends on how excited you get over gaming phones and mobile gaming in general.


The RedMagic 6 Pro can come with up to 18GB of RAM

18GB of RAM is a lot to have in a phone. Then again, there’s no real harm in having it. Having said that, there is also a version of the Pro model that comes with 12GB of RAM and less internal storage, in addition to a 16GB model. And likely a smaller price tag. So there is incentive to go with that version – spending less money.

There’s also the standard model of the RedMagic 6, which can come with either 8GB or 12GB of RAM. The good news is that storage options are the same on both. You’ll get 128GB of space on the model with less RAM, and double that on the higher end models of each version of the device. The Transparent Edition 18GB RAM model comes with 512GB of internal storage.

Both phones are also powered by Qualcomm’s latest mobile platform, the Snapdragon 888. Which should put it in line with the ROG Phone 5 if it uses the same platform.

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RedMagic also implemented a number of improvements over older devices. Such as the Ice 6.0 cooling system that comes with a built-in turbo fan. The phones also have a 6.8-inch FHD+ AMOLED display. Both of which also have a 165Hz panel for faster refresh rate, as well as what RedMagic is stating is the industry’s fastest single finger touch sampling rate of up to 500Hz, and a multi-finger touch sampling rate of up to 360Hz.

Those touch sampling rates are important if you play mobile games at high levels. As you’re likely to need to touch the screen at faster speeds to compete with other players.

RedMagic is only launching these phones in China for now

Past RedMagic phones have launched globally, so these new phones will too. Just not right now.


RedMagic is only launching the 6 series devices in China for now, in partnership with Tencent. The phones come in two different colors, as well as the Transparent Edition.

While the global launch isn’t happening today, it is happening rather soon. RedMagic plans to launch this series of phones globally on March 16 so there’s only a short wait, but no US pricing has been announced yet.