Qualcomm Finally Unveils The Snapdragon 780G For Mid-Range Smartphones

qualcomm snapdragon 780g logo

Qualcomm has finally unveiled the follow-up to the pretty popular Snapdragon 765G – the Snapdragon 780G. This is a processor that you are likely to see in a lot of higher-end mid-range phones this year. You may even see it in the Pixel 6, if Google decides to stick with the same strategy as the Pixel 5.

The Snapdragon 780G sits just below the Snapdragon 888 5G chipset, which is the best of the best. So you’re basically going to get some really good performance here, but at a cheaper price tag.

What’s new about the Snapdragon 780G?

The Snapdragon 780G is built on a 5nm process, and consists of Kryo 670 CPU cores and the Adreno 642 GPU. This makes it more energy-efficient and about 40% more powerful than the previous Snapdragon 765G. A big part of this is because the Snapdragon 765G was built on a 7nm process, so it was larger and used more power.


Within the Snapdragon 780G, Qualcomm also has its sixth generation AI processor, which will offer around twice the performance when compared to the Snapdragon 768. For those unaware, the Snapdragon 768 was basically an overclocked 765G chipset.

Also included is the Qualcomm Spectra 570 ISP, that means that pictures will get a boost at the processor-level. It’ll be the first in the Snapdragon 7-series to boast triple-capture ISP. So you can take images from three cameras at the same time. This is pretty standard on premium high-end phones.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming is also available on the Snapdragon 780G chipset from Qualcomm. So users can experience 10-bit HDR and 144Hz displays at lower prices.


A big issue though, for the Snapdragon 780G is that there’s no mmWave 5G support. Just Sub-6 5G support. That means that it’ll be very unlikely to see a Snapdragon 780G smartphone available at Verizon.

Qualcomm expects to see smartphones with the Snapdragon 780G chipset inside, arriving in the second quarter, which starts on Thursday, April 1.