The Community Has Spoken, Millions Are Excited For PUBG New State

PUBG New State 1

The excitement level around PUBG New State is to say the least, high, as pre-registration numbers for the game have reached into the millions in a little over a week since the game’s official announcement.

Last week, Krafton Inc. and PUBG Studios unveiled the game to the world, and this week it’s lifting the veil on how many people have signed up for the game prior to its release later this year.

In total there are now more than 5 million people that are part of the PUBG New State pre-registration. It is worth noting that this is just on Android. So it’s not even counting the numbers that will rack up on iOS. It is globally and not just one region, but 5 million is still a whole heck of a lot. Which suggests the game is going to be very, very popular once it arrives.


Of course that will mostly depend on how good the game is. As popularity could easily wane should players lose excitement quickly.

iOS pre-registration for PUBG New State is still coming later

If you play your games on Android, and haven’t yet pre-registered, you can still do so by hitting the Google Play button at the bottom of this post. Krafton Inc. hasn’t announced any new information regarding the launch date.

So it’s unclear how long the pre-registration period will last. It’s also not clear how long this game has been in development. If it’s still fairly early on, then the pre-registration period is surely going to go on for a while.


If you’re on iOS, the game is not available for pre-registration yet but it is still coming. Just at a later date.

Pre-registered users get an exclusive vehicle skin, and look out for alpha tests

There’s usually some incentive for pre-registering for mobile games and in this case, it’s a free vehicle skin. Keep in mind that there could always be more rewards too.

More importantly, pre-registering affords users new information about the game. Including when alpha tests will begin taking place. There will be alpha tests for PUBG New State before the launch this year. So if you’re interested in playing it before most people, you’ll want to take part in these tests when they pop up.


PUBG New State is going to be a free game just like PUBG MOBILE. So expect micro transactions and loads of development updates post launch.