How Can Productivity Apps Make You More Efficient?

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There are some days when completing assigned tasks seems beyond reach. With limited time and lots of tasks, people get confused and don’t know how to properly manage their assignments. So, what can we do about it? How can we be productive during the day?

While there are no perfect mobile apps to completely eliminate all disturbances throughout the workday, there are some applications that can help improve productivity as much as possible But what exactly does being productive mean? Does completing more tasks on a daily basis mean one is productive? Not necessarily.

Productivity is usually confused with busyness; however, the essence of it is a lot different. Productivity means achieving effective results within a short period of time. Note that in the case of productivity, the keyword is effectiveness. Let’s take a look to find out what productivity apps are in general, as well as understand some of the features those apps suggest and how effective they can be.


What are productivity apps?

An age-old question is how to be productive at work? Regardless of your job type and activities, everyone needs some tips on how to work effectively. As we have already discussed, the primary goal to keep in mind is working smarter rather than harder.

With the help of productivity apps, people make their work-life easier and flexible. According to various employers, the most beneficial feature of most productivity apps is that you can combine all functions into a single platform. This assures your employees can work more efficiently and save more time by using a single platform instead of several.

Think about how much time you dedicate to writing emails, replying or forwarding those, downloading documents, or creating calendars on different platforms. What if all of those features are combined in a single app? You would definitely save much more time than you previously did! Surprisingly, that is one of the most important purposes of productivity apps.

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These apps will make anyone’s life easier, whether you are the owner of a startup, an employee at a business, an IT professional, or anyone in any industry. The time of paper notes, pocket calendars, and switching between apps is over!

The Main Features of Productivity Apps

The main features of productivity apps are based on the primary purpose of the app itself. Collaboration and teamwork are at the core of all productivity app features. If Huawei and Gentle Monster can collaborate, then surely, with the right tools, so can your team. No matter where the employee is, they can remain in contact with other group members and provide any work-related update that is essential for the team.

  • Conversational Email

If your team spans from one destination to completely another side of the globe, or even if they are next door, working in real-time will definitely help you save much more time. Productivity apps such as Spike are among those who provide the feature of conversational emailing. Let’s see what benefits this feature provides to your daily work life. Nowadays, email has become so popular that, in many cases reaching an inbox takes up a lot of time. That is why many employers think that these days, chatting is a much more effective communication channel compared to formal emailing. More and more companies are working with apps that provide conversational emailing features as Spike does.

  • Online Notes

Sticky notes are a mess, but a storm can ensue if these small pieces of paper are lost. This is why online notes are so necessary. No more passing papers around; instead, you can brainstorm, edit and collaborate together in real-time. You can also come back to these notes later and make the important decisions based on what you wrote down.

  • Tasks & To-Do Lists

Do you have several tasks on a daily basis and lose track of what is done and what’s still in progress? You can maximize productivity by getting a clear view of your to-do list right from the inbox. No more separate tabs or apps, everything you need to create a smooth workflow is in a single app. Many productivity apps, including Spike, have the feature of tasks and to-do lists. Think about how much time you will save by creating a to-do list having conversational emailing, group chats, and many other features combined in one space.

  • Group Chats

We all know emails aren’t necessarily the fastest tools out there. Communication can be difficult with long threads, formalities, and hours of sitting around waiting for that notification sound. That is why Spike provides you with a fast communication tool right in your inbox. Instead of using messaging platforms that are currently having trouble with the law, keep in touch here while also being productive! Create group chats with whoever you need to talk to, and watch how quickly your productivity level rises.

  • Calendar

Managing a calendar for a team can be a hassle. Instead of sending out emails with dates and times, try out a merged and collaborative calendar on this app! Once you update a detail on the event, everyone will be able to view it immediately. No more worrying about wrongly informed team members or last-minute changes.

  • File Management

Trying to find that one specific file without remembering who sent it may be the most frustrating feeling ever. Instead of always looking for documents and messages, you can view all your files in one place. Any attachment that has ever been sent to you with one easy click. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

  • Priority Email Inbox

It’s hard to keep up with emails since you probably receive so many per day. This can be solved by using a productivity app that will gladly sort your emails for you. Anything it deems unnecessary, such as random invites, ads, and suspicious emails, will fall into the “other” category. You can deal with the messages here later when there are no more pressing tasks on hand.


Wrapping Up

Productivity is essential in a team workplace, and this can easily be achieved by an app. Having all your emails, calendars, notes, and documents in one place will help you save time you would have spent organizing everything and moving from app to app. We wish you a productive week!