Page Preview In Chrome For Android Has Landed! Here's How To Use Them

Google Chrome Android Preview DG AH 2021

The long-awaited page preview feature has finally arrived in Google Chrome for Android. Summarily, letting users see an almost-full screen preview of a page with a simple long-press on a link. The change is, as per reports on the matter, arriving now via a server-side update in conjunction with version 89.

What is a page preview in Chrome?

Expanding on the above explanation, what this actually does is fairly straightforward. The feature is turned on and active, with no need to access any experimental features. Once the feature arrives for a user, all they need to do is long-press any page link in Chrome for Android to get a preview.

The option to view the preview appears as the third selection option down the page in the corresponding context menu. Once tapped, the page appears in its entirety. But in a smaller window that shows the page title as well as the link to the page. Next to that header, there’s a square icon with an arrow to open the page in a full window for full access. There’s also an ‘X’ icon to close the preview. A downward swipe from the top also closes the page.


Under the header for the page preview, Chrome for Android showcases a thumbnail that takes up approximately 3/5 to 3/4 of the display space. That can be scrolled and interacted with just like the full page. With the exception of page preview. That can’t be opened in an existing page preview. In fact, no context menu is available at all there. And there’s still no way to open the previewed page in a new or existing group directly from the preview either.

You should have this feature already

Now, this feature is rolling out now via a server-side update. And that means that it should be a much faster update than via a full software update. But, as noted earlier, Chrome 89 appears to be a prerequisite. So users who want to access the page previews will need to ensure that Chrome is up-to-date on their Android smartphone.