OnePlus Decided Wear OS Wasn't Right For Its Watch & Here's Why

OnePlus Watch 1

Many suspected that the OnePlus Watch could run on Wear OS. But after the company officially announced the watch alongside its OnePlus 9 phones, that wasn’t the case.

No doubt some people were probably wondering why it chose to go with its own smartwatch operating system. As Wear OS seems like it could have been a good fit. After all, it’s a well established wearables platform. But OnePlus obviously felt that Wear OS wasn’t the right for the OnePlus Watch. So it went with something else instead.

Recently, OnePlus explained its reasons for deciding to put the watch out using its own wearable OS.


OnePlus Watch deep dive explains why Wear OS wasn’t used in the product

OnePlus was keen to point out that it felt both Wear OS and RTOS had some excellent features to offer users. And indeed, Wear OS does have some nice features. Visually it’s a nice setup. It’s simple to use and despite its humble beginnings, Google has brought it to a more usable spot.

That being said, Wear OS definitely has drawbacks. And it seems one drawback in particular is what swayed OnePlus to use RTOS for the OnePlus Watch. Battery life.

Wear OS is well-known for not having the best battery life on smartwatches. Even if Google or its Wear OS partners would never admit it, the battery life is lacking. Users know it. OnePlus knows it. And it wanted to offer users better battery life with the OnePlus Watch. So, that’s what everything really comes down to.


From a user perspective, this is a solid reason. And really the only reason there needs to be. Smartwatches that have to be charged every single night are simply less useful. And ideally, the longer you can wear it without needing to charge it the better off you’ll probably be.

Are there more reasons why OnePlus went with RTOS? Probably

OnePlus was pretty vague in why it went with RTOS beyond the longer battery life. It does highlight that there are drawbacks of both RTOS and Wear OS. But ultimately Wear OS apparently had more drawbacks than the company was willing to deal with when choosing the right software.

Perhaps it will share more about what will make RTOS such a good option the closer it gets to the release. For now though, OnePlus wants you to be ok with the fact that battery life is going to last for about 14 days.