Rumored OnePlus Nord SE Won't Launch After All

OnePlus Nord SE leaked retail packaging

The OnePlus Nord SE won’t launch after all, it seems. This information comes from Max Jambor, a well-known tipster. Now, Mr. Jambor was also the first one who reported on the OnePlus Nord SE last year.

The OnePlus Nord SE won’t launch at all

The OnePlus Nord SE was supposed to arrive this year, but that won’t happen. The source says that he was not given an exact reason for this decision. This smartphone was supposed to be released in collaboration with Joshua Vides, an artist.

Last year, the very same source reported that the OnePlus Nord SE is coming, and that it will be similar to the OnePlus Nord. That phone was supposed to offer a somewhat different design, to reflect the impact of Joshua Vides.


This turn of events is quite interesting. The phone seems to have been close to launch, very close, in fact. Even its retail packaging surfaced back in October last year (pictured below).

The phone is now dead in the water, as we’re waiting for next-gen Nord phones to arrive. The OnePlus Nord 2 is already in development, and has been for several months now. It is codenamed “Denniz”, in case you’re wondering.

The OnePlus Nord was announced back in July last year, and became available in early August. Well, considering that the OnePlus 9 series of devices came early this year, it’s possible the same may happen with the OnePlus Nord 2.


The OnePlus Nord 2 is expected to arrive in June or July

We’re expecting the OnePlus Nord 2 to launch in either June or July, though that’s just a wild guess at this point. The point is, more information will certainly follow in the coming weeks / months.

The OnePlus Nord has been a fairly successful handset for the company. OnePlus managed to hype up that phone quite a bit, which certainly helped with sales, as did the phone’s price tag, and what it offered.

The OnePlus Nord 2 will be an interesting launch, that’s for sure. The company’s flagship lineup of smartphones is quite pricey now, so many people will want to opt for more affordable offerings, like the upcoming OnePlus Nord 2.