OnePlus Nord N100 Update Improves Security, Power Consumption & More

oneplus nord n100 oxygenos 10.5.1 update

The OnePlus Nord N100 has started receiving a new update that improves security, power consumption, and more. There are only a couple of entries in the changelog, but all of them are quite significant.

This update is coming to both North American and EU variants of the phone, though it’s marked differently. OxygenOS 10.5.6 is rolling out to the North American variant, while OxygenOS 10.5.8 is coming to the European model. The changelog is identical.

This new OnePlus Nord N100 update boosts security, and improves power consumption

The update is already rolling out to both variants, and if you didn’t get it yet, you will soon. This update is also coming as a staged rollout, as you’d expect with pretty much every other OxygenOS system update.


Now, regarding the changelog. This update will bring a new Android security patch to the phone. A security patch for February 2021, thus boosting the security on the phone.

The update also optimizes standby power consumption in some scenarios, says OnePlus. The company did not detail what those scenarios are, though, but the battery life should improve because of this.

Some additional under-the-hood changes have been made

The last entry in the changelog says “fixed the known issues”. It seems like OnePlus also squashed some additional bugs, and fixed some smaller issues with this update. That is basically a standard part of every update.

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The OnePlus Nord N100 launched back in October last year. The device launched with Android 10, unfortunately, and it still did not get Android 11. This update is based on Android 10, just like the previous ones.

The phone launched as the company’s most budget offering to date. It is fueled by the Snapdragon 460, while it includes 4GB of RAM, and three cameras on the back.

The OnePlus Nord N100 is expected to get Android 11 at some point in the future. That will be the first and last big Android update that will roll out to the phone, though.