OnePlus Tries Tapping Further Into Gaming With A Trigger Accessory

OnePlus Gaming Triggers

Today OnePlus officially announced the OnePlus 9 series and the OnePlus Watch, but it also had a few hidden gems to unveil, like the new gaming trigger accessory for its phones.

While not built-in, the new OnePlus trigger accessory should perform the same as ASUS’ AirTriggers on the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. At the very least it provides the same functionality. And at the very best it feels better than the AirTirggers because the triggers appear to be physical. Just like the paddle buttons on the back of the new AeroActive Cooler 5, although these sit on top of the phone and not on the back.

OnePlus only briefly showed these off at the very tail end of its announcement event. So there are no official prices or availability details. But, these definitely seem like something every OnePlus phone owner should buy if they play games.


The new OnePlus trigger accessory works with all models

If you’re excited about the new OnePlus Gaming Triggers, you may want to hold that excitement just a little bit longer.

OnePlus says the accessory is compatible with all models. But it doesn’t clarify all OnePlus phone models, or all OnePlus 9 models. Based on the phrasing, one could assume that OnePlus meant they would work with any current OnePlus phone that has up to date software.

But there’s also the possibility that these are only compatible with OnePlus 9. If that is the case, OnePlus could eventually expand support for them to other OnePlus phones. Though it’s tough to say right now since there was no other details given out at this time.


Also worth noting is that the triggers feature capacitive sensing technology. But they also look like they can be pressed inward. Like an actual trigger you’d find on a physical controller.

The clip on design makes sense, but it also obstructs visuals

OnePlus has come up with something that could be a pretty useful accessory to have for mobile gaming enthusiasts. The triggers can be attached and detached at a moment’s notice. Which makes it extremely easy to add some additional gaming functionality when you need it.

The only potential downside is that the front side of the triggers clip onto part of the display. So that little bit of surface area does cover up the screen a little bit. It may not be covering up any crucial areas, but it still gets in the way visually.


Which might not be loved by all consumers. In any case, if you want a bit of an edge for gaming on your OnePlus device, keep an eye out for these.