OnePlus Is Losing Its Marketing Guy The Day OnePlus 9 Goes On Sale


Another long-time executive is leaving OnePlus. After co-founder Carl Pei left the company late last year, now its CMO, Kyle Kiang is set to leave OnePlus on April 2.

Which coincides with the launch of the OnePlus 9 series, which is now up for pre-order and officially goes on sale on April 2.

Input first reported the departure on Friday, and was told by OnePlus that “Kiang is moving on from OnePlus to explore new opportunities and his last day will be April 2. He will always be a good friend of the company and we wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors.”


So it doesn’t sound like there’s any bad blood here, or that he’s being pushed out. It sounds more like a mutual separation here. But this is the second executive to leave the company in about six months. Which is generally not a good thing.

How will this affect OnePlus going forward?

Kiang was OnePlus’ chief marketing officer, which means he was behind all of the different marketing stunts that OnePlus has done throughout the years. The good and the bad.

While losing a chief of marketing is never good, this should not affect OnePlus and its brand for customers. And this also coincides with many top marketing and public relations employees leaving the company over the past year. Meaning that there is some major changes coming for OnePlus. We don’t yet know what those changes are, but hopefully they are for the better.


There’s no word yet on where Kiang is heading after his time at OnePlus is over with. But we do know that he will be sticking around for a few weeks, to help with the transition in the marketing department, to fill the void that he’ll be leaving.

We could read into these departures a lot, and think that OnePlus is a sinking ship. But it’s more likely that OnePlus is expanding and needs people that are a bit more experienced. After all, OnePlus is no longer that scrappy startup it was in 2013, when it was founded.