NVIDIA Bumps Up The Price Of GeForce NOW For Priority Access

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Priority Access Price

If you weren’t already a subscriber of NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW priority access tier, you’re about to pay a higher price for it than you would have if you set up access just a week ago.

As of yesterday, March 18, NVIDIA has increased the price of GeForce NOW on the priority access tier. This is the same tier as the Founders tier. It just comes with a new name now. So if you set up Founders before this change, then you’re already on the same level of access as before.

The good news, though, is that Founders tier subscribers get to keep paying the $4.99 they were paying.


GeForce NOW Priority Access price has been bumped up for new subscribers

New subscribers will have to pay the higher price for Priority Access. Which is now set at $9.99 instead of $4.99 like it was/is for Founders.

This is double the cost, though honestly it’s still worth it for what you’re getting. Each of the cloud gaming services have their own strengths. And for NVIDIA and GeForce NOW, the main strength is the ability to play PC games you already own. So you don’t have to buy them again.

As before Priority Access will allow you to be at the front of the line when connecting to servers to play. You’ll still be logged in in order. So if other Founders/Priority Access members are ahead of you in line, you may still have a wait. But, you will be ahead of any of the free tier members.


You also get extended session times, up to 6 hours compared to the 1-hour session times for free tier members. You can of course log back in for another session if you want to play longer than that.

NVIDIA also now offers a new annual price for Priority, which is a yearly payment of $99.99. If you plan to keep the service for that long, this is the best value. Only if you’re not already on the $4.99 a month price though.

Founders can keep the $4.99 price forever, but there is a catch

If you’re a founder, you’ll never have to pay more than $4.99 for your subscription to GeForce NOW. That is, as long as your subscription stays active.


NVIDIA says that any subscribers who keep their account in good standing will get to keep paying the lower price. But if your subscription ever lapses, even for a day, you will absolutely lose that $4.99 monthly cost and have to pay double to start it back up.

The goal then here, is to never let the subscription lapse. Because if you do you’ll end up having to spend more money each month. And why do that when you can avoid it legitimately?