Nintendo May Be Ready To Increase The Size Of The Switch Display

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is reportedly looking to release a new Switch console later this year with a bigger display than on the one that’s currently available.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Nintendo is finally ready to push out a bigger display for the Switch. And it wants consumers to have it in their hands before the end of the year. The Nintendo Switch has continuously been one of the most popular game consoles since its release. Leading to numerous themed Switch consoles, like the Super Mario Red & Blue edition that was released in February.

Though it hasn’t been without a few drawbacks. One of those, for some at least, has been the size of the display. While this isn’t an issue when it’s connected to the TV through the dock, using it in portable mode with the Joy-Con controllers on the sides limits you to just 6.2-inches of space.


The new Nintendo Switch will come with a bigger, 7-inch display this year

If 6.2-inches isn’t enough for you, then Nintendo is hoping that 7-inches will be the solution. The rumor notes that Nintendo’s plans are to release the new switch with a 7-inch display later this year.

What’s more is that the new display will be an OLED panel coming from Samsung. As opposed to the current panel which is an LCD. That means the new Switch should have brighter colors and an overall better picture quality. Though the panel will still be 720p resolution. So the picture won’t necessarily be any sharper than before.

In addition to the new panel tech and size, the new Switch will also reportedly have support for higher resolution when docked. Moving up from the current 1080p to 4K. You will still need a 4K TV of course.


Nintendo wants it ready for the holidays

While there is always time for Nintendo to change the release window, it would seem that before the holidays is the time frame Nintendo is shooting for here.

The report states that Nintendo wants to push out the new version of the console in time for holiday shoppers. Making it easily accessible as a gift, when many people are likely to be looking at buying consoles. And if tings continue as they did last year in terms of sales, Nintendo will be in for another successful console launch.

There’s no word on price yet or exact availability dates. But with a slightly bigger display and an OLED panel, there’s always the chance it won’t be the same price as the current Switch.