The Xbox Wireless Controller Gets Two Bold New Colorways

Xbox Series X Controller 1

Microsoft is releasing its latest set of new colorways for the new Xbox Wireless Controller. This is the new controller that launched alongside the Xbox Series X. So it has the all-new share button that can’t be found on older versions.

When the Xbox Series X launched in the Fall of 2020, there were three colors available. Black, White, and Shock Blue which everyone thought was Sonic themed. Microsoft also later released a Red color.

When it comes to today’s two new colors, both are bold and loud. If you love colors and want something that stands out more, or if you just like collecting controllers for your console, you’ll probably love these.


New Xbox wireless controller colorways include Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo SE

Xbox Wireless Controller New

Whether you want something a little more brightly colored or something less so, Microsoft has your number. While it’s still building up the library of available colors for the latest controller, its last version had a rather large collection.

In fact the Daystrike Camo, one of the controllers released today, is the third controller in Microsoft’s camo special edition line. Daystrike Camo Special Edition is the most colorful of the trio. Using varied hues of red.


The second color released today, Electric Volt, Microsoft says was inspired by the bright colors often found in sports apparel and sneaker designs. Both controllers are currently unavailable since they have yet to launch. But Microsoft does plan to release them in the near future.

The goal is to have them both out before the Summer. And Microsoft already has release dates. So as long as it’s able to meet those dates you’ll be able to pick up one or both of these new options before Summer.

Both controllers will be out before the middle of May

Microsoft isn’t launching both controllers at the same time. But they are launching within just a week or so of each other.


First, you’ll be able to grab the Electric Volt controller for $64.99 on April 27. So you still have about a month left before you can purchase it. However, pre-orders will probably be made available before then. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed this but it is likely.

Following the launch of the Electric Volt color, Daystrike Camo Special Edition will be released on May 4. And will be retail for $69.99. If you’re wanting to pre-order either of these, keep an eye out for them at your usual retailer. As most of them will probably carry both colors eventually.