New Google Pay App Has Left Early Access Now Available For All

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In November last year, Google decided to revamp its mobile payment services. According to 9to5Google, the new Google Pay app has left the early access stage on the US Play Store. Google’s revamp was made so the service can be more personal and helpful to users.

When it launched the new Google Pay was launched in “early access” here in the United States. However, it seems to have now gone stable in recent days. At first, the new app needed an invitation to be able to download it.

Users in the US could see the new app, but it was listed as “Early Access”. The application was treated as if it was a beta app. The app could originally appear under the My apps & games “Beta tab”. The beta tab is generally reserved for apps from developers who put their apps in early access.


Sometimes these apps just need more feedback for developers to work with. So the fact that the new Google Pay was in early access makes sense. If Google were aiming to make the new offering more personal and helpful it makes sense they would want a controlled feedback group.

The New Google Pay app is out of early access. The old app is now gone

Now though, as of this week, the new app is no longer listed as “Early Access” on the US play store. For users who joined the “Early Access” back in November, they are now on the beta channel. Beta channels are for users who want to try out new features before they roll out to everyone.

However, these users can leave the beta and join the stable channel for a more stable experience. As a result of the “early access” moniker being dropped, it looks like Google’s new payment service is ready. Recently Google announced that the original Google Pay would be losing P2P money transfers and transaction history.


With the loss of those features, the old Google Pay app has been officially retired. The old Google Pay can no longer be found if you search for it in the Play Store. However, users can access it directly. But, Google is no longer surfacing it.

The new Google Pay could be on its way to other countries soon. However, users in Europe who are interested in this will have to be patient a bit longer. In Europe, users are not able to download or sign up just yet.

As of now, the new app is only officially available in the US, India, and Singapore.