New Evidence Points To A Samsung Smartwatch With Wear OS

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New evidence suggests that a Samsung smartwatch with Wear OS is coming, a new Galaxy Watch. This is not exactly surprising considering that Ice Universe, a well-known tipster, said this will happen. He shared the information in mid-February.

The evidence of Samsung smartwatch with Wear OS appeared in the code

This new evidence was spotted in the latest kernel source code release for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F). It was spotted by ivan_meler, a recognized XDA developer.

He discovered a new device codename ‘merlot’ in the WiFi driver. This codename means nothing on its own, but it’s referenced alongside ‘WearOS’, which suggests that the device is running Wear OS.


This device is tipped to use Broadcom’s BCM43013 combination Bluetooth / WiFi chip. There are no other references to ‘merlot’ in the source code, unfortunately. This is clearly not a confirmation, but it’s a rather major hint that Ice Universe was right.

This does not necessarily mean that Samsung will replace Tizen completely. Tizen has been quite popular for Samsung when it comes to its smartwatches. Therefore, we don’t believe that Samsung will kill off the platform on its wearables, though anything is possible.

Offering two wearable platforms may confuse users

Introducing a second platform to its smartwatches may confuse users, though. Samsung has never released a Wear OS smartwatch. The company did have some smartwatches ship with Android Wear back in the day, though.

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Samsung ditched Android Wear altogether for its Tizen platform, as Android Wear wasn’t all that great, to be quite honest. Wear OS has its issues, and the news Ice Universe shared last month did come as a surprise.

At this point we can only wait and see what will Samsung do. Will the company ditch Tizen altogether for Wear OS? Well, as mentioned, we don’t believe it will happen, as it doesn’t make much sense, but we’ll see. Perhaps Samsung intends to offer users more choice when it comes to wearables, and if it sticks to both platforms, that’s exactly what we’ll get.