Moto G100 Is The First Moto G Member With A Snapdragon 8-Series Chip

Moto G100 1000x563 1

It looks like the Moto G line is growing up as reported by Android Authority. Motorola has introduced the new Moto G100 which is its first Moto G phone using one of Qualcomm’s higher-end 8-series chips. The Moto G family has always been known for being reasonably priced with middling performance, but things look to be changing.

Per rumors which are now facts, the Moto G100 will pack a Snapdragon 870 coupled with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage. Of course, the Snapdragon 870 isn’t as fast as Qualcomm’s new flagship chip the Snapdragon 888, but the 870 does include 5G. It also carries enough power to run multiple apps and handle intensive tasks.

Things get better with Android 11 onboard the new Moto G100. Not only will owners get the latest and greatest from Android 11, but they also get Motorola’s Ready for the platform. The Moto G100 will join the Motorola Edge+ in being able to connect to a larger screen to display your content.


Moto G100 has a Snapdragon 870 and some more surprises

For those who do not know what Ready For is it is Motorola’s version of Samsung DeX. The new device also comes with a dock to make using the new feature easy from the start. Ready For will make being productive easier.

The new G100 has even more goodies for prospective buyers. It has a 6.7-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate which isn’t as high as 120Hz but is better than 60Hz. The screen also supports HDR10 which will make streaming shows like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier more enjoyable.

For those who are camera-focused the camera setup is a familiar affair. The camera setup consists of a 64MP main sensor and macro camera. The macro camera has a ring light like the Motorola One 5G. The rear setup also includes an ultra-wide cam. On the front, there are two cameras including another ultra-wide and a normal 16MP sensor.


The new Moto G100 is now available in Europe and Latin America starting at £449.99. For customers here in North America, the possibility of seeing it here isn’t solid. As a result, you may have to import it so that £449.99 price translates to around $617 USD.

The Moto G100 could be attractive to many buyers here in North America. This market has a lack of Snapdragon 8-series powered mid-range devices. As a result, if consumers here want an 8-series chip they have to spend close to $1000.

Only time will tell if or when this market will see the G100. Hopefully, it will come here sooner rather than later.