Microsoft Whiteboard Is Available For Preview On Android Right Now

Microsoft Whiteboard Preview app DG AH 2021

Microsoft Whiteboard has finally landed on the Google Play Store, at least as a preview, reports indicate. The tool has previously only been on offer for Windows and iOS. Now, users can download the tool to try it out, although there are still some wrinkles to be ironed out.

Microsoft Whiteboard, a handy collaboration tool for students and professionals, is now available on the Google Play Store as a Public Preview. The app offers a freeform intelligent canvas that can be used to “ideate, create, and collaborate visually via the cloud.” The tool has been available on Windows and iOS for quite a while, and it’s now finally rolling out on Android.

What is Microsoft Whiteboard?

For clarity, Microsoft Whiteboard is a tool intended for collaborative interactions in a team, professional, or educational environment. In that regard, it isn’t too different for Google’s Jamboard, for example. And, to that end, it’s designed to work with touch, typing, and pen inputs, letting users draw, insert text, or add notes to what is effectively a freeform canvas. As described by Microsoft, the digital canvas is a place “where people, content, and ideas come together.”


With Whiteboard, team members in any of the aforementioned settings can work together on their own devices, doodling, and more via Microsoft’s intelligent inking tech. The latter goes further than standard doodles too, turning drawings into charts and tables as needed and automatically. Those are updated on the digital canvas in real-time, helping teams collaborate more effectively. All via a linked Microsoft Account.

This is just a preview for now, and obviously so

Now, Microsoft Whiteboard is very clearly not intended for the average user and very clearly is in its preview phase. Not least among the evidence of that, in its current iteration, it’s just a web app. Or, more accurately, a web wrapper displayed in an app. And, of course, there are bugs still needing to be squashed with this release. As is the case with every app that arrives as a pre-release.

Moreover, because it’s not intended for the average user, it doesn’t currently work with personal accounts. Only education and enterprise accounts are supported. All of those problems should be fixed by the time it makes a full and stable rollout, presumably with integration intact as well.

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