Microsoft Surface Duo Gets Dual-Screen Gaming Support & March Security Patch

Surface Duo Project xCloud

Microsoft Surface Duo, a phablet that was supposed to turn heads after its launch, but failed to do so. The device was more or less a gimmick which multiple features missing, which we expected from a foldable device.

First of all, it was Microsoft’s first take on Android, and second, it was the first foldable phone from the company. But missing features overpowered the real potential of the device.

There was no seam-less dual-screen display, which avoided the Microsoft Surface Duo to be used as a truly foldable phone. Moreover, it did not offer a seamless display like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Z Fold2.


Besides, the hefty price tag of the device was also not appreciated by users. However, if you managed to get your hands on the Microsoft Surface Duo, then there is some good news for you.

Microsoft has pushed the March 2021 security patch along with dual-screen gaming support for the phablet. Dual-screen gaming support is enabled on the device, thanks to an update to the Xbox Game Pass Beta app.

What basically this feature means is that now your Microsoft Surface Duo can be used for gaming like a Nintendo Switch device. Meaning you can use the lower half as dedicated control while keeping the main screen uninterrupted for gaming.


Adding dual-screen gaming support gives Surface Duo the missing identity it was looking for

It seems like the company had put a well-thought process behind adding the dual-screen gaming feature on the Surface Duo. FYI, Microsoft couldn’t establish any identity for the phone, because it really did not know which customers to target this device to.

Now, with the latest addition of dual-screen gaming, the Surface Duo can be used as a full-fledged gaming device, giving it the much-needed identity. It could very well be a selling point for the device as well.

As PhoneArena mentioned, you can try out the Gears 5 game right now, which supports dual-screen controls. Apart from this, the update also bumps the security patch level to March 2021.


The official changelog is not available yet, but it brings these two prominent features along with some bug fixes and performance improvements.

It updates the build number from 2021.115.52 to 2021.207.70. The update should be live for all the unlocked Microsoft Surface Duo devices.

If you haven’t received the update yet, then you can trigger it manually by heading over to Settings>>Software Update. Note that the official OTA will arrive gradually.