Microsoft Edge Browser Receives Vertical Tabs & Speedy Startup Feature

microsoft edge browser

Microsoft announced the vertical tabs feature for its Edge web browser nearly a year ago. Reportedly, the vertical tabs feature is now finally making its way to the Microsoft Edge.

Not only this but as per the official blog, the Microsoft Edge browser is also receiving some other perks. Notably, with the new update, the browser will take less time in starting up.

To be specific, according to Microsoft’s preliminary tests, Edge browser will startup up to 41% faster. To give you some comparative numbers, it is up from 29% to 41%. The browser achieves such a good number by preloading it in the background when you sign in.


Since the company cannot speed up your hard disk or shrink the browser altogether, it will keep the Edge browser running in the background until you close all browser windows.

Good thing is that, if you don’t like the Microsoft Edge browser to be running in the background, then you can always turn off this feature.

Coming back to the vertical tabs, you will now be able to stack the truckload of tabs on the side of the Edge browser instead of the traditional long horizontal list at the top.


Microsoft Edge vertical tabs can be used to switch between tabs or group some together

Vertical tabs are nothing new. It has been available on other browsers either as an inbuilt feature or through extensions. But finally, this feature is coming to Edge browser.

The new Microsoft Edge vertical tabs look good on a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor. It helps you to quickly switch between tabs or form a group of tabs together.

Microsoft’s Michele McDanel said that there are plenty of websites that follow a conventional grid. This leaves plenty of whitespace on either side of the page.


This real estate was perfect for slapping in the tabs, as it makes it easier and more convenient to get used to. And after testing several prototypes of this new design, it is now rolling out for the users.

As far as the startup boost feature is concerned, it will be automatically added to the browser this month. It will be available under the browser settings menu.

Microsoft is also improving how search results work on Edge. Results of popular recipes will soon show improved visuals. This feature will arrive for Edge users in the US in the coming weeks.


Moreover, Microsoft Edge users will also get a new history view in the browser, all set to be available for users this month.