Marshall Mode II Are The Company's First True Wireless Earbuds

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Marshall has long been known for its audio prowess. In particular, when it comes to guitar amplification and associated professional equipment. And the company’s no stranger to personal audio either. Now, it’s officially made its first foray into the world of truly wireless earbuds with the announcement of Marshall Mode II.

The new earbuds also mark Marshall’s first entry from its ‘Never Stop Listening Campaign’ with Iggy Pop. And with an endorsement like that, there will undoubtedly be a lot to love about these headphones when they land.

Marshall Mode II are earbuds for those who like them loud …and a lot more

Of course, one of the biggest selling points of anything made by Marshall is volume. This is a company that does loud better than most and Marshall Mode II earbuds are no exception. As the company describes it, they offer a “thunderous audio experience.” But Marshall is also all about quality.


To that end, the company has utilized a custom-tuned 6mm dynamic driver in each bud for great sound across the spectrum. Those can be fine-tuned via EQ settings too. It also includes no fewer than four ear tips so wearers can swap that out to get the best fit without ear fatigue. And Bluetooth 5.1 was used to ensure near-lossless playback even at a distance.

Aside from featuring an ergonomic design, Marshall Mode II is IPX4 water-resistant. So it should make for a great workout companion, in line with and potentially surpassing the top offerings on the market. That’s further bolstered by touch controls on each bud. With those interactions controlling music, phone calls, a native voice assistant, and Transparency Mode. The latter feature is likely an audio passthrough mode to aid with environmental awareness.

Back on the aesthetic front, Marshall’s timeless branding and design join with a rubberized finish for both comfort and durability. All squeezing into an ergonomically sound, pocketable carry case. The case has LED lights to display both the case battery level and earbud charging.

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For battery life, Marshall indicates that 5-hours of playback are delivered by the wearables themselves. With four extra charges in the case, that equates to 25-hours of overall playback. And the case itself is charged either wirelessly or via USB-C.

Technical specs

For those who need all the tech details, Marshall has provided those as shown below.

Drivers6mm, dynamic
Driver Sensitivity & Impedance100.5 dB SPL (179 mV @ 1 kHz)
16 Ω
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz
Earbud Weight4.75 g (0.17 oz)
Charging Case Weight35 g (1.23 oz)

How much does Mode II cost and where can you pick them up?

In terms of when Marshall Mode II earbuds will be up for grabs, pre-orders actually open up today. The official sales date, conversely, is March 18. And these buds won’t set users’ wallets back too much either, despite their prestigious origins. Marshall Mode II will be available at a cost of just $179, direct from the company at MarshallHeadphones.com.


For global buyers who want to pick up these earbuds, the company has set the price at €179 in the EU and £159 in the UK. Conversely, they’ll be priced at an MSRP of 1995kr or CNY 1399 in those respective regions.