LG V60 ThinQ Is Getting Android 11 Amid LG Smartphone Struggles

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Here is some good news for LG fans. According to 9to5Google, the LG V60 ThinQ is getting Android 11. The phone was a surprise hit in 2020 as it competed with plenty of other high-end devices. LG has always had a spotty history of rolling out timely updates for their devices. Because of that, this news is very welcome.

It would seem that LG decided to close out the month of love by pushing out Android 11 to the V60 ThinQ. The update is rolling out to both the Verizon and T-Mobile variants. The initial rollout began on February 26 and should be hitting devices now.

Now the rollout isn’t terribly impressive in terms of speed. Android 11 has been out since September of 2020. But compared to how long updates from LG usually takes this is positively fast. LG was beaten to the punch by Samsung which has been rolling out Android 11 to its devices for the past couple of months.


The update is pretty par for the course. The changelog mentions Android 11 staples like Bubbles, notification tweaks, etc. However, there is a mention of some changes to the camera app along with adjustments to the quick settings.

Over on YouTube Juan Bagnell goes more in-depth on what changes are in the update. According to Bagnell, the UI now resembles the UI found on the LG Wing.

LG V60 ThinQ is getting Android 11 amid the company trying to sell its smartphone business

Another plus bundled into this update is the January 2021 security patch. So not only do owners get Android 11 but the January 2021 security patch. So now owners of the V60 ThinQ are getting Android 11 and their devices will be more secure as well. Not bad for a company with a spotty update history.


Unfortunately, the Verizon models seem to be the only ones getting the January 2021 security patch officially. Some are reporting that AT&T models are also getting the security patch, but there isn’t an official changelog stating this.

LG has been having a rough time in the smartphone market lately. Rumors have been building about a V60 ThinQ successor. However, claims from insiders are saying this successor will be put on hold indefinitely. LG’s smartphone business woes have made the company consider selling its smartphone business.

LG has always lived in the shadow of its Korean competitor Samsung. But LG has also released plenty of solid devices. Despite the fact they are considering exiting the smartphone market it is nice to see they are updating their devices still.