LG Flagship 'Rainbow' Has Been Delayed With No New Timeline In Place

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LG has reportedly delayed its upcoming flagship handset, codenamed the LG Rainbow, with no word on when or if it will release. That’s based on statements made by an unnamed individual to South Korea’s Chosun. According to the report, LG and its respective partners decided against field testing that had been scheduled for late February.

What is LG Rainbow and how does it fit into LG’s flagship lineup?

Details about LG Rainbow have been, up to this point, slim-to-nonexistent. The smartphone was rumored to be driven by the latest Snapdragon 888 flagship SoC, placing it squarely in that category. But it was also expected to feature support for a dedicated stylus. Presumably in a bid to take on the Samsung Galaxy Note series. And to follow a design aesthetic similar to the LG Velvet.

Now, LG has struggled with the flagship market over the past several iterations of its devices. That’s in terms of both naming conventions and a steady run of launches. The company has not, by and large, been able to break into top device listings. Prior to LG Rainbow, the LG V60 ThinQ and more recent LG Velvet have been among its flagship phones. With LG Rainbow presumably stepping in to replace both lines, serving as a more direct update to the latter phone.


LG has denied previous rumors about its flagship and smartphone businesses

As of this writing, there’s been no word as to when development on the LG Rainbow would resume. Or with regard to how long the scheduled testing was delayed, if the rumors bear out. In the interim, this also isn’t the first rumor about LG and its top-tier smartphone devices.

Prior to this, rumors had speculated first that LG might abandon its mid-range and budget offerings to focus on flagships. That would have been part of a move meant to refocus and realign its mobile business for increased competition in the space.

LG was also rumored to be abandoning its folding smartphone, first hinted at CES 2021. But those rumors have largely been denied by the company. So this latest rumor may be inaccurate as well. As of this writing, the company has reportedly declined to comment.