League Of Legends Wild Rift Beta Has An Official US Launch Date

League Of Legends Wild Rift

League Of Legends Wild Rift is currently in an open beta, so anyone that wants to play it can. The one catch is that the open beta is not available everywhere. It’s localized to various Southeast Asian countries. As well as Russia, Turkey, North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Where it isn’t available right now is anywhere in America. Riot did already confirm that the open beta would be hitting the US in March. But at the time it didn’t mention a date. That all changed today when Riot Games’ official League Of Legends Wild Rift twitter account tweeted out the confirmed launch date of the open beta in the US.

The League Of Legends Wild Rift beta expands to America on March 29

Those eagerly waiting to get their hands on the open beta for Riot’s mobile MOBA won’t have to wait much longer. As the official launch for the beta in the Americas is March 29. So there’s just a couple more weeks of waiting before everyone in the upcoming supported regions can check things out.


The Americas launch will include the US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. And will be available on both Android and iOS platforms. As the beta officially opens up in these new regions, players from those regions will be able to sign up. Or if they already have a Riot account, they’ll be able to sign in using that account.

Technically you could play League Of Legends Wild Rift right now. But you’d have to set up a brand new account from one of the available regions where the beta is live. And you would need to stay connected to a VPN server from that region the entire time you want to play.

This makes your progression completely useless if you plan to sign in or create an account from your region once the game arrives in it. But it is a good method for testing out the game and giving you a first-hand account of how it plays.


You can migrate accounts but you’ll need to start fresh

If you’ve been playing the game prior to the Americas launch, you’ll be able to keep that account. Riot has implemented a migration feature that you will be prompted with the first time you login following the launch of the beta in your region.

But, that’s where the fun ends. As migrating your account from whatever region you started on will wipe your account completely. This means you’ll start fresh, and will lose any progression you’ve made with the time invested. Essentially making it no different from starting a new account entirely.

The only real benefit of migration is keeping the name you created. Which should be possible so long as no one on the Americas server has locked in that name. That being said, Riot has stated that there will be some upcoming events and special promotions to help “catch Americas players up with the rest of the world.”


So keep an eye out for specific events and promotions that reward more XP, Blue Motes, skins, and more as the beta comes online. Riot also has a pretty useful FAQ up that answers a lot of questions that Americas players may have.