Instagram Is Cloning TikTok Features Again With Its New Remix Feature

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, Instagram cloning TikTok features again must be a high level of flattery. According to Android Central, Instagram Reels is getting a new feature called “Remix”. While it is new to Instagram it is a clone of TikTok’s Duet feature.

On TikTok Duets allows users to record a video of them reacting to other videos. TikTok’s Duets is a popular feature, so it seems like Instagram and its Remix feature will catch on as well. The Duets feature helped creators grow their platforms on TikTok. It could do the same for Instagram creators.

Of course, this being a clone, Remix will work the same exact way as TikTok’s Duets. Basically, users will be able to record a reel reaction which will display as a new reel combining both. Once you finish recording you can share the combo as a new reel.


Instagram is cloning TikTok features again and nobody is surprised

One tiny caveat is that this will not work with any reel that was uploaded prior to the update. This means you will have to enable Remixes on an older reel if you want others to create reactions to it. Overall the Remixes will be new reels themselves.

Once you upload them they will appear with your other reels on your profile. If someone remixes a reel of yours you will receive a notification in the activity tab. Instagram is still in the midst of updating its app which it started last year.

The update brought Reels front and center to attract users from TikTok. Of course, it is unclear how many users have left TikTok to focus on Instagram Reels. Instagram has a lot of Reels that started as TikToks. However, Instagram is looking to end that trend to push creators toward creating original content.


The move to allow reactions to Reels should create more engagement. Even though it is social media, a lot of people sometimes watch a reel and keep it moving. More engagement should encourage more original content and more genuine engagement.

Instagram’s platform is significantly larger than TikTok. Instagram has a billion users, so any new feature it “borrows” from TikTok has a bigger chance of attracting creators. Creators migrating over to Reels will have to be able to cast a wider net to attract new followers.

TikTok saw its platform grow immensely during the beginning of the pandemic. Now, Instagram is looking to stymie any more growth that TikTok may achieve.